Oktober, 2022

  • 27 Oktober

    Now even better! Chameleon LEFS 8010 Lightweight End Fed Sloper Antenna

    I take a look at the Chameleon CHA LEFS 8010 Light Weight End Fed Sloper Antenna. This antenna gives you 8 bands, without the need of a tuner, from 10 meters to 80 meters. [embedded content] 80M 40M 30M 20M 17M 15M 12M and 10M – No Tuner Needed The CHA …

  • 26 Oktober

    Chameleon Remote Tuner

    Using the Loop Remote Tuner allows you to get further away from the antenna and have more precise control over the antenna. This is advantageous for those that would like to put the antenna outside and sit indoors or in a structure. [embedded content] This tuner is designed for remote …

  • 26 Oktober

    Yaesu FT-710 AESS & FTdx10 – RX Audio Comparison 

    “I’ve had a number of requests to shoot a video series about the Yaesu FT-710 AESS, similar to my FTdx10 series. Ham Radio Outlet loaned me a Yaesu FT-710 AESS for just that purpose. In this video I compare the receive audio and the DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) of the …

  • 26 Oktober

    Amateur Radio Operators Invited to Participate in Scientific Experiments

    The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) will be conducting their largest experiment and research campaign from October 19 – 28, 2022. Amateur radio operators are invited to listen and participate. The research will last for 10 days and include 13 experiments, with transmissions taking place between 1400 – 0600 …

  • 26 Oktober

    ES9UKR – CQ WW SSB – Ukraine Support

    ES9UKR Team will be active from Estonia in CQ WW DX SSB Contest, 29 – 30 October 2022.International Team.They will operate in Multi Two Category.QSL via ES5RY.ES9UKR call sign is dedicated to support Ukraine. Lihat Artikel Sumber

  • 26 Oktober

    Amateur Radio Club Members Assist Law Enforcement

    The Wayne Amateur Radio Club (WARC) manned a 30-foot-tall mobile observational Infrastructure Protection Unit, or SkyWatch tower, at Ohio’s Wayne County Fair in September again this year. Staffed by specially trained amateur radio volunteers, the tower provided 24-hour surveillance, monitoring, and a record of activity on the fairgrounds, including medical emergencies, lost …

  • 26 Oktober

    D4C Sao Vicente Island Cabo Verde Cape Verde. From

    D4C Team will be active from Sao Vicente Island, IOTA AF – 086, Cape Verde, Cabo Verde in CQ WW DX SSB Contest, 29 – 30 October 2022.They will operate in Multi Operator Category.Recent DX Spots D4CQTH – Monte Verde, Sao Vicente Island.QSL direct to:MONTEVERDE CONTEST CLUB, Pregassona 6963, Switzerland.or …

  • 24 Oktober

    GXP Antenna 16 elements 5 bands – Contest

    Bands: 80/40/20/15/10 [ m ] Active elements: 2/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 5 [ pcs ] Gain (dBd): 3,8/4,8/5,4/5,9 /7,3/ [ dBd ] Gain (dBi): 10,2/11,7/12,5/12,9/14,3 [ dBi ] F/B (dB): 19/ 21/ 23/ 23/ 22 [ dB ] Bandwidth at VSWR 1,5:1 – 80 m: 300 kHz Bandwidth at VSWR …

  • 24 Oktober

    ZC4RH Cyprus. From

    Dave, G4WXJ will be active as ZC4RH from Cyprus, IOTA AS – 004, 10 – 19 November 2022.He will be assisted by Chris, PA2CHR and Jos, PA3FYC.Recent DX Spots ZC4RHZC4RH Log searchSearch He will operate on HF Bands, FT8, FT4, SSB, CW also EME, Tropo, Meteor Scatter on 144/432/1296Mhz.QSL via …

  • 24 Oktober

    RX888 MK2 16BIT Software Defined Radio

    Here we take a look at the RX888 Mk2 SDR Receiver which has a whopping 64 MHz real time bandwidth on HF! RX-888 MKII SDR Radio Receiver SDR Ham Radio Receiver LTC2208 16Bit ADC Direct Sampling R828D Description:Weare pleased to announce the second-gen of RX888. RX-888 MKII is the new …