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KH8T Team will be active from American Samoa, IOTA OC – 045, 2 – 16 September 2024.
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American Samoa – a vivid experience in a tropical paradise unspoiled by civilization

This beautiful corner of seven small islands, lost between New Zealand and Hawaii among the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, has so far suffered little from close acquaintance with civilization. Fans of marine recreation, beach and active, began to actively explore it relatively recently. Volcanic landscapes, lush tropical forests, coastline with magnificent beaches, as well as a very friendly attitude of the locals await them. Here you can engage in various water and underwater sports (diving, yachting, surfing, snorkeling), hiking and cycling.

KH8T American SamoaAmerican Samoa. Author – williewonker.

When is it better to come?

It is warm here at any time of the year – about 26-27 degrees. But if you do not want to face capricious weather, plan a trip to American Samoa from April to November, and even better for May-September. At this time the risk of tsunamis and earthquakes is minimal, although you should always be prepared for them when traveling to the islands.

What to do?

Beach lovers can stay in any place they like on the coast. The best beaches, according to many vacationers, are on Tutuila Island near the village of Alega. Maliu Mai Beach, Ofu Beach and Two Dollar Beach are also popular.

There are no special architectural structures in American Samoa, almost all local attractions worth paying attention to are created by nature – stunning underwater world, magnificent atolls, beautiful waterfalls, spacious lagoons, primitive rocks, invariably picturesque and original views.

Cities and port

The total area of seven islands is only 200 square kilometers: five volcanic – Olosega, Ofu, Utuila, Tau, Aunuu and two coral islands – Swains and Rose. The capital of the state of Paco-Paco with a population of 4.5 thousand inhabitants is considered one of the most colorful cities in the world. It is home to one of the most beautiful, large and deep harbors in the South Pacific, which divides the island almost in half and easily accommodates the port of Samoa. It is this harbor that the world-famous British intelligence agent Somerset Maugham made famous with his works. Sometimes cruise liners anchor in it, the number of passengers of which exceeds the number of inhabitants of the capital. Antique lovers will undoubtedly be attracted by the marvelous collection of ancient Polynesian arts and crafts in the Heydon Museum.

American Samoa National Park

This major attraction occupies almost 20% of the country’s territory – the islands of Tutuila, Ofu, Olosega and Ta’u. Almost the entire park is covered in relict rainforests, which have been nearly wiped out on the rest of the islands – home to rare species of birds and animals. This also includes fantastic coral reefs, which are protected by law. The center of the national park is considered to be the 491-meter-high Mt. Alava. At the foot of American Samoa’s highest point, the 650-meter-high Matafao Peak, falls the stunning Nuuli Falls.

There is a network of trails and paths throughout the area, which are great for hiking or biking. There are several tennis courts and a decent golf club on Tutuila Island.

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American Samoa. Author – Marie Beschen.

And that’s not all

American Samoa also deserves attention and other unique natural monuments – an unusual marine park Vaoto, an amazing reserve of sea turtles, a delightful lagoon Nuuili Pala.

The island-village of Aunuu with a population of just over 400 people is quite interesting. Here you will be pleased with beautiful beaches, crystal clear lakes, mangroves, hiking trails on rocks and cliffs, volcano with freshwater marsh. And during low tide their waters rise walls of coral reefs!

Water sports

American Samoa attracts diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Many areas of the coastal zone are suitable for diving, but especially the coral reefs near the island of Ta’u. The underwater world has about 1000 species of fish, 200 species of coral and a few mammals. Both experienced divers and first-time divers enjoy diving here.

Any of the islands is a fisherman’s paradise. Here you can catch yellowtail or striped tuna, skipjack, wahoo, marlin. You can rent a fishing boat from a local travel agency or even a hotel, and a yacht from a club near the town of Utulei.

A great way to explore the islands is by canoe or boat. This is often the only option to reach uninhabited and very picturesque atolls.

Surfing competes in popularity with diving. People of all ages ride the waves. The most famous beaches are Leone Bay, Alofau Bay and, of course, the world famous Carter Beach.

KH8T American Samoa Tourist attractions spotAmerican Samoa. Author – Bryan Chernick.

Safety is everything

If you take the necessary precautions, American Samoa is a safe country. You should have mosquito repellent and be vaccinated against yellow fever and a number of other diseases (polio, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis B) before visiting.

Features and Differences

You should be prepared for the fact that life in American Samoa bears little resemblance to what you are used to. There are problems with electricity here – fan blackouts and frequent outages. And there are electric generators only in expensive hotels.

It’s always warm here, so almost all hotels are “open-air” buildings. This means that the bed is on an open veranda, covered only by a mosquito net, and all the amenities are in the yard.

In general, everything here is like in the States: pay phones, post office, food stamps, on which half of the population lives, and even a couple of McDonald’s. Almost all of the indigenous people do not move much and eat rolls from morning to night, so 90% of them are overweight, to put it mildly.

Medical care is of sufficient quality

When communicating with locals, it is better to adhere to certain rules of etiquette. For example, when communicating with an elder, it is allowed only to sit (standing is not allowed!). But you can prepare yourself and study local traditions in advance.

Cuisine in American Samoa is an abundance of a variety of seafood with a minimum of animal and vegetable components. So it is very similar to the traditional cuisine of other peoples of Oceania.

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