ARI International DX Contest 2022

1. The Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (A.R.I.) has the honour of inviting radio amateurs from all over the world to participate in the ARI International DX Contest.
2. Aim: it is a world-wide competition: everybody can work everybody. The only exception is no QSO/HRD between Italian station are permitted.

3. Date and time: the contest will be held on each first full week-end of May starting at 1200Z Saturday and ending at 1159Z Sunday. In year 2022 the dates will be May 7-8.

4. Categories

  1. Single Operator – CW – HIGH/LOW POWER
  2. Single Operator – SSB – HIGH/LOW POWER
  3. Single Operator – RTTY – HIGH/LOW POWER
  4. Single Operator – MIXED – HIGH/LOW POWER
  5. Multi Operator – Single TX – MIXED & HIGH POWER only
  6. Multi Operator – Multi TX – MIXED & HIGH POWER only
  7. SWL – Single Operator – MIXED

For Italian stations only two overlay category is present:

  • Rookie: if operator was first licensed as a radio amateur less than three (3) years before the date of the contest;
  • Youth: if operator has less than 25 years at the date of the contest;


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