UBA 75 On The Air Event

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of our UBA, more than 60 stations with the special ON75 prefix will be on the air during the months of January and February. Naturally, the UBA cordially invites all Belgian amateurs to participate.
The event has also received international publicity.

From your cozy shack you will not only be able to open the hunt for these special stations: no less than eleven different diplomas in two categories are offered. You can read all information about these certificates at https://www.uba.be/nl/actueel/flash/uba-75-air-event

For the operators of the ON75 stations, the HF committee has produced a tutorial for using the N1MM software for logging the QSOs and exporting the logs. If you want to get this tutorial, you can send a message to on4cas@uba.be


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