Swap My Rigs Remote Radio Kit – Huntsville Hamfest

“I met Mary at the Huntsville hamfest showing SwapMyRigs.com with her Father AE4S. This is a unique product that allows you to remote your ham radio rigs without running long coax or complicated brand specific multi-wire solutions up to 100′, in some cases, further. If you are interested in the Hamfest pricing, please contact info@swapmyrigs.com”

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SwapMyRigs (SMR) is the world’s ONLY mobile separation kit for ALL current mobile amateur radios. 
  • Need to swap radios fast without pulling cables? With an SMR installation, use an Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood interchangeably.
  • Install just one cable and you’re ready for the fastest, most powerful, most versatile way to go mobile.
  • Enjoy quality sound and zero interference up to 150’ away.
  • Perfect for field days.

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