Go2Antenna Review :: HOA Antenna

The Go2Antenna is the perfect HOA antenna. Fully capable and easy to camouflage.

My Go2 Antenna is perfect for HOA’s or portable / Emergency Communications use – a HF antenna that is quite capable of worldwide transmission and reception.

Operates on 3.5 – 55 MHz; SWR ≤2:1 no antenna tuner required

QRP – 100 Watts SSB, 25 watts digital

Used during field testing to achieve DXCC and WAS status.

My Go2 Antenna, with its proprietary impedance matching device has been successfully tested in ALE networks.

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Supports SHARES network frequencies without a tuner

My Go2 Antenna is the HOA solution. The antenna is hiding in plain sight, virtually invisible even while deployed. Weatherproof – potted in epoxy resin with stainless steel hardware.

Has been extensively tested in the lab and in actual daily use applications. W9TNG deployed his prototype Go2 antenna in 2020 as part of an initial Go2 antenna test team. It survived a harsh Iowa winter, and provided him with amazing results on all bands on FT-8! He worked all states and 100 countries.

Built to exacting standards, intended for years of trouble-free use

My Go2 Antenna is a complete antenna system. Everything you need to operate except your radio is included in the kit!

Kit includes:

Impedance matching device, 17’ stainless steel telescoping whip, two 32” copper coated ground rods, ground rod driver, 25’ antenna wire, two plastic discs and glue to attach your antenna disguise (birdhouse, insect house, etc), 50’ RG58 ultra low loss coax from The Wireman, Inc., and carry case. Kit is 32” long and weighs just under 10 lbs.


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