SV2RSG/A Mount Athos. From

Monk Iakovos, SV2RSG/A will be active from Mount Athos, 7 – 10 May 2020.
He will operate on 20m SSB, CW.
Recent DX Spots SV2RSG/A He is from Koutloumousiou Holy Monastery.
QSL via SV2RSG/A direct.
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Monk Iakovos Kutlumusian, Holy Monastery Koutloumousiou, Karyes, 63086, Greece

SV2RSG/A Mount Athos News 3 June 2021

Due to many and important monastic obligations but also due to daily forced changes in his schedule due to covid-19, monk Iakovos (SV2RSG/A) assigns me the QSL. Please those radio amateurs who have confirmed contact with SV2RSG/A (Mount Athos) but also those who will be able to contact him in the near future, to send their QSL cards to SV1RP via QRZ. For any other information, please refer to the SV2RSG/A page in the QRZ. Thank you in advance for your good cooperation and patience and be ready to contact the monk Iakovos in the future.
73 George, SV1RP.

Mount Athos SV2RSG QSL
Mount Athos. SV2RSG QSL.

Mount Athos SV2RSG QSL Card
Mount Athos. SV2RSG QSL Card.

Mount Athos SV2RSG
Monk Iakovos, Mount Athos. SV2RSG.

Mount Athos SV2RSG DX News
Koutloumousiou Holy Monastery, Mount Athos.

SV2RSG. Where is Mount Athos located. Map.

SV2RSG/A Mount Athos. Sunrise 06-03-2021 at 02:53 GMT sunset at 17:49 GMT Lihat Artikel Sumber