A Light Graze and the First Radiation Storm of Cycle 25 | Space Weather News 06.02.2021

“As if Solar Cycle 25 had not already started last week off with a band, we get more excitement this week! We had a large solar storm launch from region 2824 earlier this week and although it is not expected to hit Earth (it will likely graze us to the west), it nevertheless came with the first Earth-directed solar radiation storm of this new cycle! This is a very clear indicator that solar eruptions are indeed getting larger and more energetic! Although the radiation storm only lasted about a day, it is a harbinger of what is to come! As for the solar storm, it looks to be grazing Earth now, and as expected, it is bringing mildly disturbed conditions. However, we will see as the fast solar wind hits over the next day or so, how much this mild disturbance becomes enhanced by this serendipitous timing. Learn the details of the solar radiation storm, see when and where aurora might be visible, and discover why both amateur radio operators and GPS users have something to smile about this week!”

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