Tri-band 6 element HF Upper Bands and CB Radio Yagi Antenna 3B-222

HF 3-Band antenna 3B-222 for 20m, 15m and 10m that covers also 11m CB through the power of full 3-D optimization!

Perfect optimized tri-bander with excellent performance. Covers all three main upper bands. 20m, 15m 10m as well as 11m all channels. Full range. Uses a common feed line. One cable for all bands.

3-Band antenna uses 2 active elements on lower frequencies and 2+1 elements on 27 – 28 MHz

Perfect optimized Tri-bander with full coverage:
20m band: 14MHz – 14.35 MHz
15m band: 21MHz – 21.45 MHz
10m band: 28MHz – 29.3 MHz
CB Band:
Australia: 27.055 MHz to 27.355 MHz or channels 8-35
Marine radio: 27.68MHz to 27.98 MHz or channels 68-98
Standard: 26.965-27.405MHz or channels 1-40
Wide coverage: 26.965-27.855MHz or channels 1-80

3B-222 Ham Radio and CB super antenna appearance

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