TN07 SFP-102 32′ Flagpole HF Ham Radio Antenna for POTA

“One of the Ham Radio Antennas that I have used most often for POTA – Parks on the Air – is the TN07 SFP-102 32′ telescoping flagpole antenna, which includes a matching unit capable of operating 10-80 meters with no tuner. This is a great antenna for simple and easy deployment, and it works great on multiple bands. Let’s activate K-3013, Galveston Island State Park today while using this antenna!”

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  • Stealth flagpole (SFP) antenna system is intended to function as both an antenna and flagpole. Some locations prohibit the installation of an antenna but may permit the installation of a flagpole. An American flag may be mounted on top of the flagpole as proof of its patriotic function.
  • Operates on 3.5 – 55 MHz
  • No tuner required; SWR ≤2:1
  • Handles up to 100 watts
  • Telescoping flagpole is heavy duty fiberglass with aircraft quality hardware
  • Extends to 32′ and collapses to 4′
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Perfect for semi-permanent mobile applications such as RV’s
  • Includes IMD-105, FP-101 – 32′ flagpole, 31.5′ internal antenna wire & U.S. flag
  • Additional 35′ antenna extension (sold separately) provides some extent of directivity and increased efficiency
  • Ground mount plate / vehicle hitch mount sold separately

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