Upswing in Solar Cycle 25 Activity May Have Begun

Frank Donovan, W3LPL, says the long-anticipated significant increase in Solar Cycle 25 activity may have begun on April 19.

“As a result, 30- and 20-meter nighttime propagation and 17- and 15-meter daytime propagation is likely to be enhanced through at least April 26. The solar flux index (SFI) is likely to remain at 85 or higher through at least April 26 due to two active regions on the sun’s surface, 2816 and 2817, containing 16 sunspots in all. Two additional active solar regions on the far side of the sun are expected to rotate into view later this week, possibly increasing the SFI and extending enhanced propagation at least through late April.

See Donovan’s article, “What to Expect During the Rising Years of Solar Cycle 25,” in the May 2021 issue of QST. 


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