Samuel Morse special event

Members of the Hungary Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ) will activate the following callsigns in celebration of the 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel F. B. Morse between now and April 27th:
HA230MSE, HA230S, HA230A, HA230M, HA230U, HA230E, HA230L, HA230O, HA230R and HG230MSE.

Activity will be on various HF bands using CW and SSB.

QSL via LoTW or ClubLog. The data of the QSOs made on each day will be entered in the LOG created on the MRASZ Web site for this purpose, where those interested can check their QSOs.

An award is available and can be downloaded at:
Rules at:
QSL card not required. Anyone who wants a QSL card for their QSOs, can request it through ClubLog (


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