Upcoming NCJ CW and RTTY North American Sprints to Start 1 Hour Earlier

The February 6 NCJ-sponsored North American Sprint (CW) and the March 13 RTTY Sprint will begin 1 hour earlier, at 2300 UTC instead of 0000 UTC. Both contests will end at 0259 UTC. An earlier start time will give participants in the north and east a larger window for 20-meter activity. The new start time in February and March are provisional and will be evaluated after the contests. The September North American Sprint start times will not change.

The log submission deadline is 7 days from the end of the contest. Submit logs via the uploader app. Preliminary line scores will be available approximately 2 weeks after the contest, and the full online results will be published about a month later. A condensed version of the full results will then be published in the print edition of NCJ.

The North American Sprint web page includes rules, results, team registration, and other information. “CW Sprinting,” a how-to article by Jim George, N3BB, can be found under “Tips” at the lower right-hand side of the North American Sprint web page. — Thanks to CW Sprint Manager Ward Silver, N0AX


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