A Snake-like Filament Erupts while a Solar Storm Rages | Space Weather News

This week our Sun continues its upward climb in activity with multiple new bright regions on the Earth-facing disk, including a new sunspot region (region 2778). On top of this we finally had that massive snake-like filament that we first saw in STEREO-A’s view on the far side of the Sun launch as a non-Earth directed solar storm. Plus, we are also in the middle of a solar storm due to the fast wind from the northern coronal hole. This storm, which will likely rage for a few more days before settling down, has already brought aurora down to mid-latitudes, and there is a good chance more is to come! Learn the details of the current storm conditions, see where that snake-like filament launch is headed, watch region 2778 emerge and learn what else our Sun has in store this week.

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