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Antoine de Ramon N’Yeurt, 3D2AG will be active again as 3D2AG/P from Rotuma Island, IOTA OC – 060, from end of December 2020 – Mid January 2021.
He will operate on 160 – 6m including the 60m Band, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8.
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DXCC Country – Rotuma Island.

3D2AG/P Rotuma Island News 26 December 2019

Greetings from Rotuma Island. The linear is behaving, and generator power available when not heavy rain, otherwise running FT8 on solar power. The 160m antenna is still not up due to king tides and impossibility to setup on the beach at the moment. It almost got washed away (including myself) yesterday with very strong waves. Right now we have a cyclone warning, strong winds and heavy rain. All antennas are lowered until further notice. EMCOM has been activated through PACTOR. More updates later if antennas are still up. VY 73s Antoine 3D2AG

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Rotuma Island. Information

Rotuma Island and nearby islands are located 646km north of Suva, Fiji.
Official languages- Rotuman, English.
Independence from the United Kingdom with Fiji 10 October 1970.
Currency- Fiji dollar FJD.
Time- UTC +12.
International phone code- +679.
Rotuma volcanic island 43sq km .
Tourist attractions- Grave of the kings.
There are no hotels on Rotuma Island.

3D2AG/P Rotuma Island. Amateur Radio information

DXCC country- Rotuma.
WAC continent- Oceania.
WAZ zone- 32.
ITU zone- 56.
QTH locator- RH87.
RSGB IOTA reference- IOTA OC-060 Rotuma Island.

Rotuma Island 3D2AG/P Tourist attractions

Rotuma Island


Rotuma Island is the main island that makes up the Fijian dependency of Rotuma, and is the home to a small tribal group of people. These people are called the Rotumans, which, in all, total only ten thousand people.


This islandis the 12th largest that constitutes Fiji. North of Fiji, Rotuma Island is than 70 total square miles, and is particular in the way it is divided. Those who know the island refer to its eastern landmass, and its large peninsula in the west, which begins at a very narrow point of less than 75 feet across. North of this part of the island is the Maka Bay, and the Hapmafau Bay, which lays in the south. These bays are famous for their particularly beautiful coral reefs, which many people visit on a yearly basis.

On the site exists something known as a shield volcano, which is, in this unique case, made of something known as alkali-olivine basalt, as well as hawaiite, and reaches nearly one thousand feet above sea level. At the center of Rotuma Island, there is a mountain that is called Mount Suelhof. It is not the only mountain. At the eastern edge of Rotuma Island, there is Satarua Peak. As a whole, many people aware of the island regard it, with its beautiful untouched beaches, to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The other islands accompanying Rotuma island include Hafhai, Hatana, Husia, ‘Afgaha, Solkope, Solnoho, Uea, Hafhaveiaglolo, Hafliua, Haua, and Hauamea’me’a.


Although Fiji dependency is of modern circumstance, Rotuman language provides evidence of a growing relationship between the two places long before that. As a result, people who study languages have included the Rotuman language as a subgroup of the language of the people of Fiji. They also have connections to Samoa, dating back to the time when they were lead by Raho. After this point in time, more people settled in on the island from Tonga, and then after this: Kiribati. In the 19th century, people of Tonga tried to further assess the land.

Rotuma Island DX News 3D2AG/P


In 1791, Captain Edward Edwards and his crew on the HMS Pandora discovered Rotuma Island. They have been noted to be the first European sighting of the place. They landed on the island for an interesting reason; they were looking for sailors who had disappeared. About sixty years later, RotumaIsland became a common sailing point for western mariners when they needed to repair their ships and look for food. Sometimes, lone sailors would settle in the island, sailors which were actually prisoners and convicts who escaped the grasp of their jailors and confinement. These cases were reported to have ended violently.

When settlers from Tonga began to settle themselves on the land around the same time, so did Catholics. This caused a lot of struggle between the two groups, often turning into political disarray and physical conflicts. The grim events resulted in the Tongans to ask Britain if the settlers could be annexed from the Island. Instead, the island became ceded to the UK, at which time Fiji became a British colony. Although there had been conflict, this day is celebrated today as Rotuma Day.

Today, although technically part of Fiji, the culture found on Rotuma Island is, in actuality, much closer related to Polynesia. They are so different, in fact, that the people in Fiji differentiate them as being a minority, and even highly recognized. In modern times, however, Rotumans as a majority have moved to Fiji. The ones remaining in Rotuma, though, preserve their ways and culture.

Rotuma Island 3D2AG/P


Now, the differences between Rotumans living in Fiji and those on Rotuma Island are so great, that officials have deemed it quite necessary for tourism to take place on the island, to enlighten onlookers of the special culture. For over 30 years now, cruises and ships have settled on the island: tourists, who enjoy the marvelous beauty and wonders of the land and people. Travel agencies and websites alike have this location as a vacation hotspot, and are always interested in helping travelers find the best deals.


As mentioned above, Fiji, and thus, Rotuma, was taken by Great Britain as a colony in the late 19th century. Although Rotuma is not a large land by any means, it is separated into a large number of districts, which are all lead by their own chief. These districts include: Noa’tau, Oinafa, Itu’ti’u, Malha’a, Pepiei, and Itu’muta. There are many villages within each district.

The chiefs of these different districts together make the Rotuma Island Council, which work together. These are all men who are mostly titled, and are expected by their people to be leaders. These titles are unlike many western cultures in that titles are held for life instead of an appointed time. Those related to these leaders may also rise to be leaders if they so wish. The Rotumans also hold formal occasions where all of those of importance, as well as highly esteemed outsiders, gather and are honored. A feast is presented to these highly regarded individuals with baskets, as well as something known as kava. Throughout the year, however, they resort to living humble lives. Most people live humbly, and not many luxuries are owned. Cars and extravagant living situations, for example, are hardly found in the wealthiest of people.

Another level of politics on Rotumais with the political positions of sau, mua, and fakpure. The sau are known to lead the ritual cycle, which focuses on prosperity. The mua is not as strongly defined, but also takes part in the ritual cycle. Some regard them as high priests. The fakpure are the most defined, working as conveners and officers over the other leading men, and are responsible for appointing the positions of the other two groups.


Rotuma is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with pristine beaches and colorful coral reefs that inspire awe. Its history and relationship with Fiji and Polynesia make it truly unique.

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3D2AG/P. Where is Rotuma Island located. Map.

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